Oni Genji

Oni Genji Background

Oni Genji is by far one of the coolest skins in Overwatch. As a ninja-like hero, Genji naturally fits themes based on Japanese lore and history. That's why this skin was so popular during Blizzard's Nexus Challenge 2.0 event for Heroes of the Storm in 2017. Players had to finish 5 games with a friend in Heroes of the Storm to receive Oni Genji along with a special spray and player icon. Although the game is free-to-play, many players without PC access were unable to get the skin, so Blizzard decided to add it permanently. Oni Genji became available through standard lootboxes or 1000 in-game credits. Unfortunately, the icon and spray are still not available.

Oni Genji Appearance

Oni Geni is a complete redesign of the normal Genji. The skin removes his cybernetic appearance and replaces it with different elements that make him look like a Japanese demon. His sword becomes a red-colored katana that, combined with the dark tone of his armor, transforms him into a real demon.

Oni Genji Availablity

While the skin itself is available through tokens and lootboxes, you won't be able to get the spray and player icon unless you got them through the Nexus Challenge. Purchasing an account that has the skin, icon, and spray unlocked through the event is currently the only way to acquire the full Oni Genji set.

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