Noire Widowmaker

Noire Widowmaker Background

Overwatch's dark and stealthy sniper, Widowmaker, has been a fan favorite since the game released. Even Blizzard knew the character would be a hit, which is why they included the Noire Widowmaker skin as an exclusive pre-order bonus. Players received the skin as a redeemable code if they purchased Overwatch before launch day, May 24, 2016. The skin itself is a masterpiece, just like the hero character itself.

Noire Widowmaker Appearance

The skin has a dark and mysterious vibe in all aspects, from Widowmaker's uniform all the way to her sniper rifle. The texture makes her entire uniform look like it's made of leather, a reference to classic spy action movies. The pitch-black and red color combination also creates the illusion that she is a real Black Widow. It's no wonder fans are disappointed that the Noire Widowmaker skin hasn't returned.

Noire Widowmaker Availablity

Some had hoped that this popular skin would be a pre-order bonus for the launch of the Switch version, but unfortunately, the code was not redeemable on PC or console. Blizzard was even quoted as saying that they have no plans to bring back the Noire Widowmaker skin. We aren’t sure if this exclusive skin will ever be released again. Currently, the only way to get the Noire Widowmaker skin is to purchase an unredeemed digital pre-order code or an account that has already unlocked the skin.

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