Kerrigan Widowmaker

Kerrigan Widowmaker Background

Blizzard released the Kerrigan Widowmaker skin for Overwatch as part of Starcraft's 20th anniversary in 2018. This was one of the most popular Starcraft cross-title events, with several Blizzard games also receiving Starcraft-themed goodies. For Overwatch, it was a re-colorization of the legendary Kerrigan Widowmaker skin. Players simply had to log into Overwatch while the event was running, between March 6 and April 3, 2018, to receive the Kerrigan Widowmaker skin. Once the event was over, the skin was no longer available.

Kerrigan Widowmaker Appearance

Kerrigan Widowmaker is one of the most fitting cross-character skins, as both Widowmaker and Kerrigan are snipers in their respective universes. Sarah Kerrigan, or simply Kerrigan, belongs to the Terran Confederacy. She later takes control of the Zerg Swarm as Queen of Blades. Widowmaker, who had a similar transformation, was the wife of a former Overwatch agent that was turned into the ultimate assassin by Talon. She features Kerrigan's signature Ghost combat uniform and her powerful sniper rifle. Kerrigan Widowmaker is also one of the few skins that make Widowmaker's skin more human-like.

Kerrigan Widowmaker Availablity

Similar to most event-based skins, Blizzard has not announced any plans to make the Kerrigan Widowmaker skin available again. The skin might come back for Starcraft's 30th anniversary, but there is no guarantee. Currently, the only way to get the Kerrigan Widowmaker skin is to buy an account that has already unlocked the skin.

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