GOAT Brigitte

GOAT Brigitte Background

GOAT means "Greatest Of All Time" and that's what the awesome Brigitte skin is all about. This highly exclusive skin was available for a short time to celebrate the Overwatch League 2020. All you had to do was trade in 200 Overwatch League Tokens to unlock the GOAT Brigitte skin. The skin was only available during the event, which lasted from February 6 to February 19, 2020.  After that, the skin was removed from the store and has not been available since.

GOAT Brigitte Appearance

The cool thing about the GOAT Brigitte skin is that it is a play on words, as Brigitte was an integral part of the "GOATs" meta that reigned during last year's Overwatch League. On one hand, the name represents what the Overwatch League participants were trying to become. On the other hand, the skin gave Brigitte goat horns that, in combination with her white armor, resembled the look of a real goat.

GOAT Brigitte Availablity

According to Blizzard, the skin is no longer available and they don’t intend to bring it back. We aren’t sure if this exclusive skin will ever be released again. Currently, the only way to get the GOAT Brigitte skin is to purchase an account that has already unlocked the skin.

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